Architectural change requests are processed via TownSq. Click below to submit your ACC Request.

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1) Where should I direct questions about this process? Please reach out to the Community Manager via email at

2) Is there a cost associated with submitting an ACC application? No. There is no fee for submitting ACC Requests.

3) What is the response timeline when submitting an application? The board will process applications as quickly as possible but will have up to 30 full days to cast a verdict.

4) Do I have to submit an ACC application? If you are making a modification to the exterior of your home, regardless of front, side, or backyard, then you will need to submit an application. This is to ensure that the intended project adheres to guidelines established by the association’s governing documents, does not create a hazard to neighboring lots, and does not detract from the overall aesthetic of the community or encroach on prohibited easements. Many variables are considered during the review of each application and the procedure is meant to protect property values for the homeowner, their neighbors and that of the association overall.

5) What if I ignore the ACC process and proceed with an unapproved project? Please adhere to the ACC procedure in place. Unapproved modifications or projects run the risk of creating issues to neighboring lots if made in prohibited easements, or if done with paint colors that do not compliment the primary dwelling. Unapproved projects are considered violations and Goodwin’s Compliance team will issue notices to those suspected of erecting an unapproved structure or completing an unauthorized project. Worst case scenario might include the involvement of the association’s attorney and the restoration of the area at the homeowner’s expense if denied by the ACC.

6) What if I do not want to use TownSq? We strongly recommend for homeowners to register on TownSq as doing so enables them to interact with Goodwin, the management company, manage their association account, and submit ACC applications.

If TownSq is not available, download the ACC Request Form below and send to along with all necessary details (plans/ drawings, sample photos, permits, etc.)